NO PROBLEM! Here’s a few things you need to know:

 1.GET REGISTERED! When you arrive, (hopefully a little early), locate the registration and cashier   booth. They will take your name and address information and will need to see your ID. You will be issued a bidder number. You will bid with this number.

 2.MAKE A PLAN! Things move Fast!  Locate any items you are particularly interested in. Normally at the beginning of the sale, the auctioneer will lay out the order that things will be sold, as well as terms of the sale, and payment types accepted. PAY ATTENTION! Listen carefully and if possible be near the items you are interested in buying. Have a target price in your head before you bid.

 3. LISTEN to the auctioneer and familiarize yourself with the way he/she calls numbers and bids. Every auctioneer has their own peculiarities.

 4. KNOW HOW THINGS ARE BEING SOLD! Some common terms and methods might be:
  a.By The Piece or Each: the bid is for each specific individual item

  b.Times The Money: you are bidding on all the items but the bid price is per  item times the number of items.

   c.Choice: There are several items available. The winning bidder chooses which one(s) they want. They may take more than one or all at the winning price times the number of items they choose. After selling “choice” from the grouping a few times, those remaining will then be sold for “All One Money”.
  d.All One Money: The bid is for all the described items as a single group.
  e.From Here to Here:  the bid is for all the Items located in one general area or row specifically between two or more described points.
  f.Buyer’s Premium: If there is a buyer’s premium then that amount, usually a percentage of the total purchase, will be added to the final bid.




NO PROBLEM! Here’s a few things you need to know: